Inspection & Lab Equipment

  • Numerex coordinate measuring machine with CMM Manager Software
  • Rockwell 4M hardness tester
  • SpectroMax - Metal Analyser
  • Toolmakers layout table
  • Instron Hydraulic Testing Machine
  • Olympus PME2 - Metallographs with CRT & Printer
  • Haas Automated lathe
  • Complete sand test lab
  • Hartley automatic sand system
  • UJ Reflectoscope, ultrasonic tester
  • Datacast 3000 eutectometer
  • Detroit testing DHL3 Brinell tester
  • Heraeus DT250 emersible thermocouple
  • Buehler polishing system

Heat Treatment

For those castings that require mechanical properties that differ from the as-cast condition of gray or ductile iron, we have established strategic partnerships with vendors that are reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Heat Treatment Services offered:

  • Anneal
  • Normalize
  • Stress Relieve
  • Quench & Temper
  • Induction Harden
  • Austemper


Baker also provides the special value-added services of painting, coating or plating. On-site, we offer a water-based, prime painting solution as a rust preventative. Externally, we have developed strategic partnerships with vendors specializing in specific painting, coating and plating operations that match the unique specifications of our customers.

Our in-house paint equipment:

  • 3 stage wash system
  • Air dry or bake on
  • dip or spray