Baker Casting Division produces gray and ductile iron castings for OEMs and machine shops. Our customers value our quality workmanship, metallurgical capabilities, process control, and timely delivery. Contact our iron casting experts today to discuss your needs or browse our site to learn more about our services 608-882-5100.

Iron Castings

Dosing Ductile At Ladle


Ductile (or nodular) iron is popular because its ductility, elasticity and high strength properties allow heavier service loads. It is easily cast and machined and is as corrosion resistant as gray iron. Learn more about our ductile iron capabilities.

Gray Iron Casting Process


Gray iron is the most widely used of the foundry casting alloys. Its outstanding wear resistance properties and high-vibration damping make it a good machining choice. Learn more about our gray iron capabilities.

Austempered Iron Casting Process

Austempered Ductile

Austempered ductile iron is used when high strength is needed and superior wear resistance and fatigue strength are required. Learn more about our austempered ductile materials.

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Choosing a foundry to supply your castings is an important decision. Castings are an integral part of the products that you manufacture.

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